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Long Beach Gives- Early Giving Starts Today!

Help us continue to serve all those who are in need in Long Beach. No one should have to go without a meal because they don’t have a home to cook in. Parents shouldn’t have to choose between buying groceries or diapers for their children. These things are daily, basic, needs, needed for survival.

Your generous contribution will help people who are truly in need. It will help put food on the table for a family who is struggling right now in this pandemic. It will make sure that a man on the streets will have a meal to make it to the next day when he’s out on his luck.

We don’t turn people away. Your contribution offers people hope that things will get better, that they are not alone.

Consider making a donation to help us continue our mission at

If you would like to make a donation by phone, cash, or check please call our office at (562) 432-1440.

We TRULY are greater when we GIVE together! Thank you for your generosity.




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