mens program

Giving MEN, an OPPORTUNITY, at a BETTER life...

The Program

The Men’s Rehabilitation Program at COA was created to help men who are on the streets. Housing services throughout the city prioritize women and children. Here at COA we provide participants with immediate, basic needs such as shelter, food, and clothing, and give them the tools they need to become productive members of society.

Most participants have underlying psychological and emotional problems. Through counseling, addiction programs (AA or NA), spiritual guidance, and self- improvement opportunities such as volunteerism, job development, and education, participants return to life independent of drugs and alcohol.

The Men’s Rehabilitation Program is based on work, not charity. We do not charge for services, but we do require all participants to take part in work therapy which helps make them self-supporting and self-respecting. All participants must remain drug and alcohol free. As the men progress in the program, this work therapy prepares them to be successful in the outside world.

Program Process

* Must submit a completed Program Application

* Must Interview with Program Coordinator

* Must Interview with Executive Director

* If accepted must volunteer for 20 hours in our downstairs warehouse

* MUST submit to random drug & alcohol testing


* Program at capacity. Not accepting any new participants during this time.