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Founded in 1981, Christian Outreach in Action was established by one man's passion for service.

Jack Jensen's original mission was to feed all the hungry and needy in his community. Today our services far extend Jack's original vision. We provide extensive services from hot meals to legal advice for all those in need in Long Beach and the Greater Los Angeles area.

Christian Outreach in Action is a nondenominational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of homeless and impoverished individuals in Long Beach and Greater Los Angeles, so they may reach and sustain self-sufficiency and independence. 

Yesterday & today- Stories of hope


Willie started his life in the “Windy City” born into a middle-class family. His life changed when he was a teen, when his parents separated. That is when his difficulties in school began. Willie had a learning disability and did not graduate from high school. When his mother, a nurse, passed away, not only did he become involved with drugs, but his siblings eventually all went their separate ways. Willie ultimately became homeless...

For almost 40 years, COA has been a staple in the Long Beach Community. We have been a guiding light for countless struggling individuals and families who are experiencing economic hardships. We continue to provides services and resources to low-income individuals to include the homeless, seniors, struggling mothers and families, and those who just need hope and a hand-up to gain and sustain independence. We inspire and give hope to those in need. We thank our donors and volunteers for their time and resources in helping impact so many lives - as we are not government funded. We couldn't do this, and have such a huge impact without their time and generosity. 


We are dedicated to:

  • Changing the lives of those in need

  • Releasing the stressors of food insecurity

  • Reducing the homeless count 

  • Helping low-income individuals and families become more self-sufficient

  • Helping vulnerable populations reach their full potential

59% of Americans Find Themselves "One Paycheck Away" from Homelessness and being swept into a cycle of poverty and housing insecurities. The cost of living has skyrocketed faster than individuals and families may have the means for in making adjustments. We are doing our part in addressing the issues facing families and individuals on the brink of homelessness through increased services and programs.

Homelessness increased by 62% in Long Beach since 2020

That's nearly 1,300 more people who have found themselves in some state of homelessness (according to Long Beach's Point-in-Time Survey, 2022). Many are living on the streets, city shelters, and even their cars. Some include families with children. 

Our services help to eliminate food insecurities, assist with medical issues, provide legal aid, provide gently used clothing, provide start-up housing goods and furniture to those just receiving housing after homelessness, and a place to turn to for a hearty and nutritious hot meal so hunger is not on the foremost of peoples minds when they are struggling to make it through the day. The people we serve daily are struggling seniors, mothers, people who work part-time, the houseless, ones who have lost everything during Covid, people who have no other means of support during their struggle. We give them hope. We have so many more programs available to those in need - and we thank our donors and volunteers for their generosity, as we are not government funded, and rely strictly on the help of people like you.  

COA's Good Neighbor Program

We promote clean and safe communities by helping to keep the surrounding areas litter-free, while preserving our natural environment. Our Food Bank is "Farmer's Market Style" so our neighbors can pick only what is needed, thus eliminating food waste. Our Community Clean Up program initiates a large-scale sweep through of streets and alleys surrounding our local neighborhoods (all by the help of volunteers); Several times daily vicinity clean ups; And twice a week, we have volunteers who clean up debris in the neighborhood. If you would like to volunteer for our next Community Clean Up event, we welcome you to sign up HERE

 Free Community SERVICES & Programs

hot meals

We serve hot meals

7 days a week.

food bank

We offer perishable and

non-perishable items

three times a week.

 household goods

We redistribute

gently used

household goods

to those in need. 


We offer diapers

sizes newborn to size six 

once weekly to parents in need. Adult diapers also available upon request

legal advice

We offer legal advice to those in need

once a week.


Twice Weekly

Clothes Bank

Agency Referrals

We may not always have what you're looking for. Contact us if you need contact information for services we do not offer. 


Thanksgiving Dinner Packages & Hot Meals


Gift assistance and meals

Rehabilitation program

Assistance for men who are on the streets

GIVE TODAY TO HELP those in need!

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