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Christian Outreach in Action (COA) is a non-denominational non-profit organization whose mission is to Transform the lives of homeless and impoverished individuals in Long Beach and Greater Los Angeles since 1981 so they may reach and sustain self-sufficiency and independence.

our vision

Changing the lives of those in need

Releasing the stressors of food insecurity

Reducing the homeless count 

Helping low-income individuals and families

become more self-sufficient

Helping vulnerable populations

reach their full potential


of Americans Find Themselves "One Paycheck Away" from Homelessness

increase in  homelessness in Long Beach
since 2020

of the primary issues were found to be from rising housing costs 

what we do

our story

For more than four decades, our presence has been a beacon of hope in the heart of our community, extending a helping hand to those facing economic hardships in Long Beach and Greater LA. Every day, we strive to make a difference by providing essentials like food, diapers, and more to anyone in need. In our journey, we stand as a lifeline for those experiencing tough times, including the homeless, seniors, struggling families, and individuals yearning for a glimmer of hope. We believe in the power of compassion and resilience, inspiring others to believe in brighter tomorrows. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to serve with love and empathy. We are the sole agency in Long Beach offering hot meals every single day, along with vital amenities like public restrooms and a five-day-a-week food bank. Our array of programs, from serving nutritious harty hot meals, distributing fresh produce, senior programs, to hosting legal clinics and providing essential items like clothing and furniture, aims to uplift spirits and restore dignity. None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our dedicated donors and volunteers. It's their selflessness and generosity that fuels our efforts and enables us to touch countless lives. We are not government-funded, relying solely on the kindness of individuals like you. Whether it's a struggling senior, a single mother, or someone who has lost everything due to unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic, we are here to offer a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community with compassion and dedication. Together, let us continue to be beacons of light, spreading kindness and inspiring change in the lives of those who need it most.

In the bustling city of Long Beach, there lived a man named Jack Jensen. Born and bred in the heart of the community, Jack possessed an unyielding determination to make a difference. He was a pretty normal guy, but he had a goal to become a millionaire by the time he was 30. He went to college while working at Edison and got his CPA while also making many wise investments in local commercial real estate. ​By the time he turned 30, Jack was certainly rich; however he was also an alcoholic and a drug addict. He woke up one morning and realized his life was not what he had imagined it to be.  He was miserable, and went out on a search for answers. Jack's journey took an unexpected turn when he found himself drowning in the depths of addiction, his dreams overshadowed by despair. But even in his darkest moments, Jack refused to succumb to defeat. Seeking solace and guidance, he sought refuge at Christ Lutheran Church, where a simple yet profound message from the pastor ignited a spark within him: "Get out of yourself and do for others." Inspired by these words, Jack embarked on a transformative quest for meaning. From the refugee camps of Cambodia to the impoverished streets of Mexico, he dedicated himself to serving those in need, finding fulfillment in acts of compassion. Yet, amidst his global endeavors, Jack couldn't ignore the plight of the homeless in his own backyard. Driven by a desire to effect change closer to home, he turned his attention to the federal food bank in Long Beach. There, he lent his time and expertise, striving to alleviate the suffering of the marginalized. It was during his service at the food bank that Jack made a startling revelation – canned goods alone couldn't address the hunger faced by the homeless without access to a kitchen. Determined to bridge this gap, Jack embarked on a new mission. One fateful day, as he cruised the streets of Long Beach in his trusty Volkswagen van, Jack stumbled upon a beacon of hope – a kitchen for rent at 515 E. Third Street. With unwavering resolve, he seized the opportunity, transforming the space into a sanctuary of nourishment and compassion. Gathering volunteers from local churches, Jack breathed life into the kitchen, turning it into a hub of community support. Over the years, the kitchen became a symbol of hope, serving thousands of meals to those in need and fostering a sense of belonging among the marginalized. Today, Jack's legacy lives on, a testament to the power of one man's passion for service. Through his unwavering commitment and tireless dedication, he proved that a single act of kindness has the potential to ignite a ripple of change, shaping the fabric of a community for generations to come.


Introducing Our Board Members: The Driving Force Behind Our Vision.

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All Videos
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Senior Day: Happy Hearts Valentines

Senior Day: Happy Hearts Valentines

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COA Programs

COA Programs

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We go where they are - Healthcare in Action and Christian Outreach in Action

We go where they are - Healthcare in Action and Christian Outreach in Action

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Helping the Homeless and Low Income Reach Independence

Helping the Homeless and Low Income Reach Independence

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