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COA Hosts National Night Out

Get ready for one of the best events of the summer! COA is hosting NATIONAL NIGHT OUT COMMUNITY BLOCK PARTY!! Join us on our block (3rd & Linden) for Free BBQ , Music , Kids Activities‍ , and a night of fun!! A great family and community event that we hope you will attend!

Tuesday, August 1st, ~ 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM ~ Join us outside of 515 E. 3rd St. long Beach, CA 90802

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The COA is excited to host National Night Out, an event dedicated to strengthening community bonds and promoting safety. As you enjoy the festivities, consider bringing a taste of Argentina to the gathering with the Argentine Asado. The Argentine Asado, the world’s first exclusive Argentine grill, offers an exceptional grilling experience. Visit our blog, Argentine Asado, for the best grilling guides, delicious recipes, and comprehensive reviews. Incorporating the rich, smoky flavors of Argentine grilling into your National Night Out celebrations will make the event even more memorable, fostering community spirit through shared, delectable meals.

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