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From Homelessness and Drug Addiction to Hope and Recovery: My Journey with COA

Jason S. shares his personal journey from homelessness and addiction to hope and recovery.


It is a story of how Christian Outreach in Action (COA) played a crucial role in helping him turn his life around. From providing basic necessities like blankets and clean clothes to offering meals and support, COA was his "lifeline during those challenging years on the streets of Long Beach".

The Beginnings:

Three years ago, Jason found himself homeless in Long Beach after a series of unfortunate events in his life. Feeling lost and without any proper support system, he turned to drugs as a means of escape. It was a dark time, but little did he know that a glimmer of light was just around the corner.

COA: A Beacon of Hope:

It was through Christian Outreach in Action that he discovered hope amidst the chaos. "COA was there for me when I needed it the most. They not only provided me with a blanket for warmth but also gave me new clothes every week, ensuring that I remained clean and presentable". It may seem like a small thing, but having clean clothes helped him maintain a sense of dignity and self-respect.


Meals and Support:

COA not only fed Jason but also provided him a safe and welcoming environment to share his struggles. He remembers waiting in line at COA for his meals, grateful for each bite. The meals were always on time and tasted great, but it was the sense of community and support that truly made a difference.

Breaking the Cycle:

Living on the streets, Jason's addiction eventually led to his arrest for drug-related charges. He was sentenced to serve seven months in the LA County jail. It was a turning point in his life.

ODR Program and Beyond:

During Jason's time in jail, he connected with the ODR (Offender Diversion and Reentry) program. Through ODR, he was released from jail and placed in a group home for two years, where he received the support and guidance needed to rebuild his life. From there, Jason was able to secure his own house and begin three years of probation.

A New Beginning:

Today, COA is overjoyed to say that Jason lives in his own house near the beach and is free from probation. Most importantly, he is clean from drugs. This transformation and success would not have been possible without the unwavering support of the COA, donors, and volunteers helping him survive and giving him hope when he most needed it.

Jason expressed his deepest gratitude and love for COA. As a village, we helped save his life, provided him with the necessities, and offered unwavering support throughout his journey from homelessness and addiction to stability and recovery. Love and generosity have shown Jason and others like him that even in the darkest of times, there is always hope.

"I couldn't have done all this without the COA helping me survive while on the streets. The food was always on time and tasted great. I never went without because of them. God bless you COA and staff. Love you always" - Jason S.

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