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Honoring our Mothers & Maternal Figures with a Donation in their Name

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate and honor Mothers. Besides the many other reasons to thank them, it is important to thank mothers for the most precious gift they give their child—life.

COA sees Mothers from all walks of life: Homeless, impoverished, mothers working all day, picking up their children from school or relatives, and sleeping in their car because they have no safe place to go. These Mothers all have one thing in common: They will give their very life and personal needs to see that their children have food, clothing, and diapers. COA invites you to honor these mothers by donating in honor or memory of your mother. You may also want to remember a maternal-figure, grandmother, a cherished aunt, a sister, a godmother, or any woman that has meant a great deal to you.

This Mother's Day, celebrate a remarkable woman.

Now through Sunday, May 8th... Donate to COA in her honor

By Donating, you will be able to:

  1. Enter your mother’s - or Maternal-Figure's - name

  2. Give us their address & we will send them an acknowledgment of your gift

  3. Specify: "in tribute", "in honor", or "in memory of" ….

  4. Tell us your fondest memory of your mother, grandmother, sister, or any other special woman in your life past or present.

  5. Indicate if you want your comments published on our social media

All proceeds benefit Christian Outreach in Action

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