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Spreading Holiday Cheer: A Recap of Our Volunteer Events!

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

A huge shoutout to the INCREDIBLE volunteers from Molina Helping Hands, Boy Scouts Girl Scouts, local neighbors, and St Bartholomew Church for their hard work and dedication!  They worked tirelessly to wrap, organize, and prepare all the Christmas giveaway toys for our upcoming delivery to 300 families on Dec 16th. Their dedication is making the holiday season brighter for so many. We are grateful to them for spreading joy and warmth!

On one Elf gathering, 10 Elves made hundreds of goodie bags filled with treats. We are grateful for their time and dedication. What an incredible turnout for both the goodie bag event, and the Christmas gift basket-making event! With nearly 70 volunteers coming together from various groups like Molina Health Care, the Girl Scouts, Boyscouts, neighborhood volunteers, and COA, it's truly heartwarming to see such a collaborative effort. The support of 22 volunteers from Molina Health Care, the enthusiastic participation of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, along with the neighborhood volunteers and those from COA, made the day truly special.

The logistics are impressive too—having two trucks, three SUVs, and a food truck to transport the gift baskets and supply coffee and food demonstrates great coordination and care for everyone involved. This level of community support ensures that 300 families receive the Christmas toy assistance they need, making the holiday season brighter for many. It's amazing how collective efforts can create such a positive impact!

Our next event is coming soon! Our COA Elves will be delivering toy baskets with goodie bags to almost 1,000 children on Saturday, December 16th.

We would like to acknowledge Katleen and Tom Occonner for their yearly support in delivering gift baskets - such a heartwarming gesture. Their dedication to organizing a toy drive at St. Bart's Church in Long Beach is commendable and truly adds joy to the holiday season for those in need. We also appreciate Carroll Park and all the other establishments that hosted toy drives for COA, as their collective effort truly makes a difference in creating a magical and brighter season for underprivileged children. This sense of community and generosity is what embodies the true spirit of the holidays.

It's our pleasure to recognize Lori Barber and Marissa Pinching for their dedication and significant contributions. It's amazing how their efforts, from using personal spaces (Marissa's home and barn), to providing funds, organization, nourishment and a food truck, have supported everyone's hard work. And a big round of applause to Lori for her generous donation toward the toys, especially with Salesforce matching it—what a fantastic way to double the impact! Their commitment truly embodies the spirit of giving and holiday cheer.

More to come, stay tuned and watch out for the Elves on Saturday, as they fly through Long Beach to deliver toys to homes!!

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