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Rise & Thrive

As part of the family of human beings, despite your difficulties – you matter. You have a name. You are important.

To the homeless, displaced, low-income, struggling mothers & families, and anyone suffering from money insecurities:

You may have no money and unable to buy food. You may know what it’s like to go thirsty and hungry. You may not have a comfortable bed to sleep in or safe/permanent place to live. You may have untreated health issues. You may not have a change of clothing. You may be in situations, even danger, that most never experience. You may be ignored by many of your fellow humans as if you’re invisible. What you are going through is certainly difficult, beyond the troubles that many people face. Just know this: HAVE HOPE. YOU MATTER.

You may be thinking of what could’ve been – did you make some bad decisions? Bad turn of events? The past is over, all you can do is learn and grow from it. Here’s the deal…DON’T GIVE UP. Don’t give up on what you can become, or your capabilities. Instead of thinking of what was, think of what will be. Now is the time to renew your hope and look onward.

You are unique and wonderfully made. You have been given character, abilities, & knowledge through your journey in life. Seek help, stop doing anything unhelpful, do something meaningful, and don’t give up. Someday, you can turn your hardship into something good for someone else.

At Christian Outreach in Action, we aid in giving you a hand-up with our many programs to assist and free you up from immediate stressors - so you can stand up with confidence, and implement your journey to independence and sustainability.

Food Bank. Hot Meals. Medical-Care. Legal Aid. Clothes Bank. Adult/Child Diaper Bank. Household Goods. Water-Station. Holiday assistance/programs & more.

*******If you are in a position to help others, give back, or have it in your heart to make a change in this world, we are in need of volunteers and donations to continue our efforts of giving hope to the needy.

515 E. 3rd. Street. Long Beach. Our doors are open for you. See our list of programs and view our schedule HERE

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Volpa Faro
Volpa Faro
Aug 25, 2023

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