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The book, MORE Humans of Long Beach is Here! Order Today

The book, MORE Humans of Long Beach is Here!

Now available

The book is a collection of photographs of those faces accompanied by the stories behind them thought Long Beach.


“Humans of Long Beach is a fascinating project that brings together all that is unique about the city we love. Behind each distinct community, neighborhood and storefront there are people who make the city what it is today. And there is no better way to showcase the personality of our city than through portraits and stories of individuals who bring out our city’s unique traits to life.”

Mayor Roberts Garcia

“An incredible snapshot of the complexity and beauty of Long Beach. It’s like we’ve been granted access to some very personal, intriguing, inspiring and, on occasion, disturbing details about those with whom we live amongst. A celebration of the amazing people that make up this vast, vivid and vibrant city.”

Justin Rudd – Community Action Leader

When you order your copy of "MORE Humans of Long Beach" a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Christian Outreach in Action. We would greatly appreciate your purchase as we continue to assist those in need in the Long Beach Community. click this link below

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