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COA READERS DIGEST - July 13, 2022

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Health Care in Action and Christian Outreach in Action Partner Up

Providing Medical Care to the Homeless

Fantastic news! Health Care in Action and Christian Outreach in Action have partnered up to provide medical care directly to the homeless.

We are able to travel to the homeless where they are – in homeless encampments, parks, and under bridges - and provide essential medical services. This "Street Medicine" brings services out of the clinic and provides care to the homeless directly on encampments and the streets, to prevent deteriorating medical conditions. This approach to providing vulnerable individuals with medical care is often the only care unsheltered people are able to access.

There are many reasons why people experiencing homelessness may not have direct access to medical treatment. Some might be afraid to leave their belongings unattended while at a Doctors appointment. Some may have had traumatic experiences with health care providers. Some may be prioritizing their basic needs- such as food and shelter. Our mission is to go where they are and provide this population immediate access to medical treatment.

Watch this video below:


Attempt to steal truck leaves Long Beach’s Christian Outreach in Action in dire straits

The truck is inoperable and the cost to repair it is steep — $8,000.

On July 4th someone broke into and tried to steal our truck. The ignition system, door lock, and dash, all need replacement. This is the truck we use several times a day to pick up large and numerous pallets of food and more, in order to supply the hundreds of people we serve daily with imperative essentials. Our food bank is 5 days a week and we serve prepared meals 7 days a week.

We urgently need your help. Please Donate to help COA fix our truck. Every day counts. Help us reach our goal.

The truck had been averaging seven trips a day picking up and dropping off pallets of food that directly feed those in need, as well as picking up and dropping off other large donations, such as furniture.

Click below to read the Press-Telegram news article.


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Shocking results of 2022 Point-in-Time Survey - Read as COA's Executive Director, Dixie Dorhmann Weighs in -

"Dixie Dohrmann, the executive director of Christian Outreach in Action, a Long Beach homeless services provider, said that pandemic is only one cause of homeless crisis.

“No one plans to grow up to be homeless,” Dohrmann added. “It could happen to anyone of us.”

Long Beach homeless population spikes 62% compared to 2020, survey reveals; officials blame pandemic. Long Beach announced the results of its 2022 point-in-time survey of those without permanent shelter on Friday, July 1, a little more than four months after city officials and volunteers conducted the tally....


Save the date!

Long Beach Gives is returning on Thursday, September 22, 2022! Save the date! We will need your help spreading awareness of this fundraising event, which will play a huge role in helping us with our mission here at COA.

Long Beach Gives is the city's largest donation event and COA is grateful to be a part of it for our 3rd year. It is our city's annual online giving event that provides an easy and fun way for our entire city to give together.

Individuals and businesses in our community come together to make a difference. The success of Long Beach Gives last year helped raise awareness about nonprofits and the critical role they play in our community.

More to come!



Christian Outreach in Action, for over 40 years, has had the privilege of issuing nutritious foods and meals to the homeless, low-income families, seniors, physically and mentally ill, and veterans within the Long Beach community. We are not government-funded and provide for our neighbors in need by relying entirely on donations from our generous donors.

The pandemic has created a high surge in food prices, directly impacting low to middle-income families....(read more).

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